Excursion 5 “The Shrine of Remembrance”

shrineWe were lucky with the weather yesterday, as I was really worried about the rain. Despite difficulties with trams!!!!!!! – I learned a lot yesterday. I found many aspects of the Shrine interesting, as I’ve never been on a ‘formal tour’ before.  (See this elective is providing me with new opportunities too).  Particularly the record of names of all enlisted Victorians in the ambulatory and I personally found the Changi flag moving. When I was growing up there was a negative sentiment towards Anzac Day and the Shrine due to the impact of the Vietnam War. For us at the time it was symbolic of nationalism and the glorification of war. This has now changed. The two questions that I’d like you to reflect on are

  1. What were two things you gained from visiting the Shrine?
  2. How has this affected your attitude to our Anzac tradition?

Excursion 4 “Immigration Museum”

passportTodays excursion was about my 8th time that I’ve visited the Immigration Museum since it opened. I always seem to gain something new from the visit. It certainly brings our History of Melbourne unit together, as Melbourne and Victoria were built on immigrants. In 1845 there were 32, 879 people living in Victoria, 100 years later there were 2, 054761. 150 years later Victoria’s populaton was 4, 373,50, (nearly doubling in just 50 years). My favourite part of the Museum is the personal stories told and the hardship people faced. I found Bul Bukoh’s story about leaving Sudan as well as Sigals’s family from Greece were particularly interesting. I also enjoy the Interview Room. The decisions are hard and the profiles interesting. It always shocks me how racist Australia’s immigration policy has been.

  1. What parts of the museum did you find interesting and why?
  2. What did you specifically learn about immigration
  3. What are some of the difficulties pepple faced when wanting to immigrate to Australia? In your opinion was the process fair?

Excursion 3 “City Museum & Collins st walk”

Old TreasuryDespite the hot weather, we visited the City Museum at the Old Treasury where we saw so many things about the development of Melbourne, the impact of gold, the story behind the family who lived in the basement and amusements. I was trying to work out my favourite part and I’m finding it difficult. The following things listed are the things that I found really interesting. ( they aren’t in a particular order)

  1. In the first room when Melbourne was only a village they had silver lables they gave the aborigines to get their support
  2. the panoramic photo of Melbourne in 1860’s and how much it developed in such a short space of time
  3. the exchange of gold and how the one man was ‘ripped off’
  4. the development of local towns as orginal stops for the gold being brought to Melbourne
  5. the cable tram ( I never thought about how that worked  before)
  6. that the building was designed by John James Clark when he was only 19!

There was a lot more but I won’t take up too much more space.

My questions for you…

  1. What did you find interesting at the City Museum and why?
  2. What did you get out of our Collins Street walk?

Thanks for being so great on the excursion – it is  a pleasure to take you all out. Happy blogging  – I look forward to your contributions

Excursion 2 – “The State Library”

The Dome RoomWe can all say now that we have visited the State Library. I loved being surrounded by all the books and so much wisdom. When I was a student at Melbourne University, I spent a lot of time at the State Library, but it has changed quite a bit since I was a student. It doesn’t smell musty anymore and the ladders to fetch books have gone. I also get excited when I see primary sources and I wished we had more time to have a closer look at the items in the Victorian settlement exhibition. I was also very excited to get Georgina Mcrae’s paint box and read about her contribution to the settlement of Melbourne.

I wonder what you got out of today’s excursion? What are three new things you learnt about the State Library?

Which item in the puzzle did you find the most interesting and why?

You can refer to the link below to remind you of the piece. http://www.slv.vic.gov.au/programs/exhibitions/dome/changingface.html

Excursion 1 – “Local Walk”

RanfurlieIf the weather is fine, we will go on a walk around the local area and look at some original buildings, Central Park and architectural styles. Our key question is “what conclusions can we draw about East Malvern /Glen Iris from the evidence observed today?” What did you learn today that you were unaware of before? 

Lesson 1 ‘Introduction’

Today’s lesson is designed to introduce you to the elective. I’m going to cover the activities and excursions we are going to embark on, as well as the technology skills we are going to use as part of the assessment. If I’m successful, by the end of the class you will have all become members of Edublogs and be able to post a comment in response to this post. After our first lesson does this course sound like what you thought it might be like? Do you have suggestions for me at this stage?